OceanMight Sdn. Bhd. (1013502- A)

(an associate company of KKB Engineering Berhad)

About Us

Company Overview

OceanMight Sdn. Bhd. (OMSB), an associate company of KKB Engineering Berhad, is a PETRONAS licensed fabrication yard for Offshore Facilities Construction - Major Onshore Fabrication. OMSB offers full project engineering services including Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) to meet demands from its clients. It’s Offshore Oil and Gas product range includes substructures, inter-platform bridges, topsides (well head platform, central processing platforms and compression platforms, modules, decks, living quarters), jackets, process skids and modular compression skids.

Through its parent company, OceanMight benefits from the rich construction heritage and history of excellence in structural steelworks fabrication spanning over a period of more than five decades. It is continuously bringing in talent to develop its human and knowledge capital to further strengthen and enhance core competencies in yard management and project execution.

OMSB operates a modern fabrication yard, complete with covered workshop facilities and is ideally situated at Muara Tebas, Kuching, Sarawak with close proximity to the South China Sea.

The fabrication yard covers an area of approximately 284 square metres (70 acres) and is ideally situated along the Sarawak River with close proximity to the South China Sea, naturally providing a strategic and logistical cost advantage over regional fabricators for load out of completed structures to final destination. The location of the yard is easily accessible by road or inland waterways. OMSB’s yard is purpose-built with large prefabrication and assembly covered bays, cold rooms and material stores, covered blasting and painting facilities. It is equipped with state-of-the-art indoor fabrication facilities and modern technology for optimization of yard activities and operations - embracing pipe spool and structural steelworks production automation and advance Integrated Yard Management Software Solutions (IYMSS) for its Project Management and Execution.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Complementing its cutting-edge facilities is a Pipe Spool Production Centre equipped with technologically advanced CNC pipe profiling, CNC plasma cutting, automatic fit-up system and automatic pipe welding machine for world-class deliverables of pipe spools, skids and modular systems. All indoor production automation facilities are housed under covered production plant, permitting all weather working conditions to meet Clients’ timely deliveries.

An extensive host of equipment, including lattice crawler cranes of lifting capacity up to 280 metric tons are available in the yard. OMSB hire specialized cranes for major lifts up to approximately 800 metric tons.

Integrated Yard Management Software Solutions (IYMSS)

Success in project execution demands the highest levels of management capability, adaptability and efficiency throughout the business processes and its supply chain. OMSB leverages on specially developed and configured Integrated Yard Management Software Solutions (IYMSS) to manage EPC project execution and to develop new and more productive ways of working to minimize risk, empower management to make better, faster operational decisions, and substantially enhance optimization of the yard activities and operations and to deliver projects timely and within costs.

IYMSS is oil & gas industry specific, multi-discipline and workflow-managed integration with functionalities and deliverables across the entire project management and execution, encompassing engineering, project planning and scheduling, procurement and materials management, construction/fabrication, quality management (QMS) and electronic data & documentation management system (EDMS).





No. IMS130001

QHSE – OMSB is committed to an incident and injury free fabrication environment and the continual improvement of quality, safety, health and the environment.

OMSB is certified to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 and endeavour to provide products and services to the highest possible standard of Quality, Reliability and Conformance to these standards. It is committed to be a “Supplier By Choice” by focusing on its core strengths in the provision of fabrication of Major Offshore Steel Structures and other related products and services for Oil and Gas industries. The management recognizes the “Quality, Health, Safety & Environment at Work” and places the highest priority in its obligation in meeting customer expectations in Quality and its legal obligation in protecting the Health and Safety including a commitment to prevention of injury and ill health of all personnel from recognized hazards while preventing damage to the Environment.